Saturday, January 30, 2010

John Gray running for U.S. Senate from Arkansas

End Wars for Oil & Other Resources
The Afghanistan and Iraq wars are all about oil. The “Golden Rule” suggests we should treat other countries as we would have them treat us. That would imply we should simply buy the oil from them. They should produce it using their own companies, their own people, pipes, and engineering support.
Our companies have no business being in nations where they are not welcome and our Soldiers have no business protecting corporate assets in those nations. Neither should our Soldiers be used as the policemen to the World.
Three time Medal of Honor winner, Gen. Smedley Butler, pointed this out after WWI in his small book, War is a Racket. Note: It still is!
We should reduce military spending by closing most of the 725 military bases we have established around the world. We should bring all military spending into the open by placing it on the books in the annual budget.
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